In this article, I will tell you how to find out your head size and find the right hockey helmet for your size.

First, you need to clasp your head with a measuring tape. It is necessary that the measuring tape on the forehead is about 2 cm above the eyebrows, passes over the ears, and goes around the back of the head in the most protruding place. After correctly placing the measuring tape, fix the size.

If you don’t have a measuring tape, that’s okay. Take a string, rope, or another object of similar shape with which you can wrap it around your head in the places mentioned above. After measuring, fix the length of the tool that was used to wrap around your head. Then measure that length with an ordinary ruler.

Once we know the head size in centimeters, we can use the correspondence tables provided by official representatives of helmet manufacturers to choose the helmet.


Size chart of helmets from Bauer.

Bauer Size Chart


Size chart of helmets from CCM.

CCM Size Chart

Manufacturers tried to reflect as closely as possible in the tables the correspondence of head coverage and sizes of hockey helmets. But still, if you have the opportunity to make a fitting, do not neglect it.

All people are unique, and everybody has different head shapes. Helmets from various manufacturers and lines can fit differently, so we recommend that you choose your hockey equipment responsibly.

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