Players can skate faster thanks to BAUER’s in-depth research into the shape of skate boots.

Skate families

BAUER has identified key foot areas, and this knowledge has helped them create three unique skate families for the most comfortable fit for each player:

  • Bauer Vapor
  • Bauer Supreme
  • Bauer Nexus
Four key areas in the foot, skate height and fit
Four key areas in the foot, skate height and fit

Bauer Vapor

Vapor Series has the narrowest skate last, the lowest instep, and the lowest skate height of the BAUER line.

Bauer Vapor is considered a skate designed for attackers because the skate has a slight forward slope, which provides explosive speed at the start.

Bauer Supreme

Bauer Supreme has a medium last, medium instep, and skate height. It’s the most versatile option of the Bauer family of skates.

A distinctive feature of the Supreme family of skates is an anatomical boot with a tight, comfortable fit even before the thermoforming process. The meaning of the word “supreme” well underlines the level of the Bauer Supreme line of skates.

Bauer Nexus

Bauer Nexus skates have a wide last, the highest instep andboot height among Bauer families. Bauer Nexus will be comfortable for players with big feet.

A distinctive feature of this family is the increased attention to the level of protection.

Any of the Bauer skate lines can accentuate and enhance your style of play, whether you are a forward or a defender. The main thing in choosing skates is a comfortable fit.

Bauer dimensions
Bauer dimensions

Although all the data are taken from the manufacturer’s official catalog, they should still be taken only as recommendations that do not guarantee a perfect fit for hockey skates.

It is worth noting that the same size of skate from the different lines (Vapor, Supreme, Nexus) can feel differently on the foot.

Size Chart

Different models of Bauer skates from different years come in different sizes.

Below is a table according to which you can freely choose the best model by your foot size.

Size chart of Bauer skates
Size chart of Bauer skates


Bauer Vapor

  • In the adult Vapor family, the X600 and X900 models are missing sizes 11.5.
  • The Bauer Vapor 1X junior skates start at size 3.5 only, and the Bauer Vapor X900 starts at size 3.
  • The largest sizes 13 / 14 / 15 are present only in models Bauer Vapor X700.
  • Bauer Vapor X400 skates have sizes 1 to 12 but have no choice in the last width. This type of lasts is denoted by the letter R.
  • Bauer Vapor 1X and X500 children’s skates (YTH) come in sizes 8 and 9 with D lasts, as well as 10 to 13.5 with D and EE lasts.

Bauer Supreme

  • The top Bauer Supreme 2S PRO skates start at size 3.
  • Bauer Supreme S29 skates in sizes 1 to 2.5 have only last width D.
  • Bauer Supreme S27 skates do not have junior sizes and start at size 6.
  • Bauer Supreme S25 skates have sizes 1 through 12 but do not have a type R lasts.
  • The Bauer Supreme 2S and S27 Kids Skates (YTH) are available in sizes Y8 through Y10, including half sizes, with the last D. From Y11 to Y13, these skates are available in shoe widths D and EE.

Bauer Nexus

  • The Bauer Nexus 2N and N7000 skates in sizes 10.5 to 12 are only D widths.

NS and NSX

  • The size range for BAUER NS and NSX adult and junior skates starts from 1 to 12 and does not come in half sizes. The size of the last for all skates of this model is indicated by the letter R.
  • NS kids skates are available from Y6 to Y13 and also have an R-width.

Published by Sergei Ermilov
November 22, 2021 (Updated June 6, 2022)