First, let’s take a look at what hockey pants are and why they are needed.

Hockey shorts are the most massive piece of hockey equipment, protecting the player from the knees up to the middle of the back.

For sure, everyone has seen how professional hockey players take powerful shots and then immediately rejoin the game or how players in front of the net push their opponents with their sticks, hitting them in the back.

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Senior Pants
Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Senior Pants

Various game moments could cause irreparable damage to hockey players’ health if the anterior thigh and lower back are not protected.

So these parts of the hockey shorts’ protection are the main focus.

It is best to measure your pants with the shin guards and shoulder pads you play in. The hockey pants must slightly overlap the shin guards from the back when you straighten up. There should also be no open space from the back between the shoulder pads and the hockey pants. The movements must be free, and the protective elements should not interfere with each other when moving.

It is worth noting that each company has several lines of hockey equipment (for example, BAUER: Vapor, Supreme, Nexus).

The same size of these three lines may fit you differently, so despite the recommendations of the table below, we recommend that you try on hockey pants if possible.

Each manufacturer has its recommendation chart for fitting hockey shorts. I have tried to unify everything into one table for ease of use.

YTH, 4-9 yo

Size, US S M L
Waist size, cm 51-56 51-56 53-58
Approx. height of the player, cm 100 110 120

JR, 8-14 yo

Size, US S M L XL
Waist size, cm 56-64 61-69 61-69 64-74
Approx. height of the player, cm 130 140 150 160

SR, 12+

Waist size, cm 68-74 71-78 81-91 86-97 91-102 102+
Approx. height of the player, cm 155-165 160-175 170-180 175-185 180-190 185+

Even though all the data in the tables are taken from the official catalogs of the manufacturers, they should still be taken only as recommendations that do not guarantee a perfect fit for hockey shorts.

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