Even experienced hockey players sometimes face the question of choosing the right size of hockey shin guards. It is necessary, if possible, to fit the guards along with the skates and hockey pants in which you play.

Shin guards

In the standing position, hockey pants must cover the top of the shin guard where the kneecap guard is located. At the bottom, the guards should reach the beginning of the skate shoe, but they must not interfere with each other.

The size of the guards may vary with different positions relative to the tongue of the skate. If you tuck the guards under the skate tongue, the size should be smaller than when you put the guards over the skate tongue.

Shin guards models also differ in shape and design.

Bauer Vapor X2.9 Hockey Shin Guards
Bauer Vapor X2.9 Hockey Shin Guards

The most popular design is the two-piece guard, which consists of the main shin guard and the knee cap guard. Now you can find guards composed of three elements: the kneecap protection, the main body of the shin shield, and the movable part of the shin shield.

The shape also differs from each other. Some guards have a wider body, while others are narrower. Everyone chooses this feature based on their preferences and manner of playing hockey.

When selecting guards, it is worth paying attention to how the side protection and inner lining are made. The leg protection is the front part of the shield, but the side part is also critical. Different manufacturers try to protect your leg in different ways. The more professional the model, the more durable and technologically advanced these protective elements are. In the more advanced models, the inner lining can adapt to the individual parameters of the hockey player’s legs.

And a very significant element of the guards is the mounting system. We advise you to pay attention to how the shield fits when choosing this type of hockey equipment – whether it will not fall off in the process of skating.

If the fastening system does not provide a tight fit of the hockey guard to the leg, you will most likely have to use additional fixing methods (tape).

Sizing chart

Below is a hockey guard sizing chart that will help in selecting the size of hockey guards.


Size, inSize, cmHeight, cm


Size, inSize, cmHeight, cm


Size, inSize, cmHeight, cm

Even though all these tables are taken from the official catalogs of manufacturers, they should still be taken only as a recommendation that does not guarantee a perfect fit of hockey guards.

Published by Sergei Ermilov
October 20, 2021 (Updated June 6, 2022)