“37.5” is a unique technology used to manufacture BAUER’s flagship hockey equipment and underwear.

What is 37.5?

BAUER is constantly striving to make hockey equipment even lighter and more comfortable in order to maximize players’ performance. Research and experiments have determined the body temperature and humidity levels near the skin at which it is most effective to overcome physical exertion.

By a lot of trial and error COCONA company was able to develop a unique technology, the name of which is “37.5”. And today, this technology is used by BAUER in the manufacture of flagship hockey equipment and underwear.

Material made with 37.5 technology increases moisture evaporation due to the increased body temperature of the player. It’s no secret that the higher the physical activity, the higher the body temperature, which means the fabric dries faster.

This 37.5 fabric has an 800% higher evaporation surface area than standard 37.5 fabrics. This result is achieved through the structure of the material using “hot stone” particles and a unique way of knitting the fibers of the fabric.

The BAUER flagship outfit and underwear, which uses 37.5 technology, is thus able to evaporate 26 ml of water per hour. Under the same conditions, regular sports underwear and hockey outfits evaporate 9.6 ml per hour, while cotton only evaporates 2.3 ml per hour.

These characteristics were obtained by laboratory research.

37.5 technology
37.5 technology

It is an interesting fact that an adult professional level player is able to excrete up to 5 liters of sweat in a single game.

Towards the end of the game, hockey equipment becomes heavier due to its high moisture content, and the moisture level near the skin becomes higher than the level at which the player can achieve maximum performance.

Due to these factors, it becomes more difficult for the player to overcome physical exertion and perform tasks on the ice.

When using underwear and other equipment with 37.5 technology, a player can evaporate up to 3 liters of sweat per game from his body temperature contained in the hockey equipment he is wearing.

Another advantage of 37.5 undergarments and equipment is their speed of drying. Hockey equipment dries up to 5 times faster than regular uniforms. It is ideal if you practice several times a day. Anyone who has ever worn an under-dry uniform will know what I’m talking about.

Sweaty hockey uniforms are breeding grounds for bacteria, and their unpleasant odor is caused by the decomposition of microorganisms. Therefore, with rapid drying, the level of unpleasant odor is reduced, which is another indisputable advantage of 37.5 technology.

The technology is well proven and has been tested in practice. At the moment this technology is used in flagship models, but we hope that BAUER will start to implement this technology in the production of more budget versions of hockey equipment.

Published by Sergei Ermilov
January 6, 2022 (Updated June 14, 2022)