Many beginner hockey players are not very responsible when choosing elbow protection, not paying attention to the level of protection of hockey elbow pads, the length of hockey elbow pads, and the comfort and fit of hockey elbow pads.

Elbow pad protection level

Elbow pads are available for beginners (amateur level), semi-professional and professional levels.

Entry-level protection is designed for those who are new to skating. Pads are designed to soften the impact of a fall – this is the key purpose of this level of protection. Amateur hockey elbow protectors cannot fully protect the elbow when playing hockey.

In semi-professional and professional elbow pads, due to the use of special filling materials (D3O, helium inserts, foamed polyethylene), reinforced plastic, side, and top reinforcement, pain during impacts and collisions is much less, and the chance of injury is much lower.

The main purpose of professional elbow pads is to protect the player’s arms and elbow joints from collisions, puck shots, and stick hits.

Bauer X Hockey Senior Elbow Pads
Bauer X Hockey Senior Elbow Pads

Length of elbow pads

To minimize injury, it is worth paying close attention to this. If fitted correctly, there must be no unprotected space between the elbow pads and the gloves. If there is a gap, you should consider elongated elbow pads with the Long prefix.

Additional protection for the wrist is also possible. It is essential to fit the elbow pads with the gloves and shoulder pads.

This matching process is necessary to ensure that the player does not experience difficulty in moving during the game while at the same time avoiding the presence of unprotected places on the body.

Comfort and fit of the elbow pads

The selection of hockey equipment is an individual choice, and elbow pads are no exception. If they fit too tightly during play, they hinder the player’s movements, and if the pads are too loose, they may slip off the elbow joint, which increases the risk of injury.

With the correct selection, the elbow pad sits comfortably on the hockey player’s hand, easily bends and unbends, thereby not hindering movement during the game. Comfort is ensured by special inserts under the elbow joint, and a system thought out by engineers will provide a secure fit on the arm.

An important issue is a hygiene. Antibacterial impregnations help maintain hygiene, effectively destroying bacteria that cause irritation and odor. The use of specialized materials (e.g., “37.5” at Bauer) also speeds up the drying of elbows.

How to measure which elbow pad is right for you?

Bend your arm and measure from the bottom of the shoulder pad to the top of the glove cuff. Find the corresponding length in the table and determine your size.


SizeAgeWeight, kgHeight, kgLength, cm


SizeAgeWeight, kgHeight, kgLength, cm


SizeAgeWeight, kgHeight, kgLength, cm

This table does not guarantee a perfect elbow fit and is presented for reference only. All data is taken from manufacturers’ catalogs. Only a fitting can solve this issue, and you will be 100% satisfied.

Published by Sergei Ermilov
October 19, 2021 (Updated June 6, 2022)