Last year we saw the launch of a whole new family of hockey sticks called the Warrior Novium.

Warrior Novium sticks
Warrior Novium sticks

New line

When the first hints began to appear on the network that the Warrior brand was preparing a new stick, I was sure it would be a limited edition model, as QRE Fantom, but I was wrong.

I’ve compiled all the information I have that will give a complete understanding of the latest Warrior release. For me, the launch of the third family of sticks was a complete surprise: today, all manufacturers are trying to reduce their number, and the expansion of the range looks like a move against the trend.

Currently, Warrior offers two lines of sticks: Covert (ultra-low deflection point) and Alpha (classic low deflection point), and, as it is easy to guess, Novium combines models with a medium deflection point. If you go a little deeper into the history, the last Warrior line with such a deflection profile was Dynasty HD, which was closed just for the sake of the new Alpha.

The decision to have the Alpha and Novium families simultaneously seem strange. Сlassic lower and middle deflection points are very close in their playing properties: universal solutions are suitable for a wide range of tasks, and there is a high probability of simply making it more difficult for the buyer to choose a stick.

On the other hand, hockey sticks with the same deflection points can be adjusted differently, and the sticks will match the necessary philosophy.

As an example, Bauer Nexus Geo and CCM Super Tacks AS4 Pro. Both are mid-kick, but the first is more “brushy” and the second implements the concept of a stick for more power shots. Warrior may be able to customize the new product so that each line has a clear niche for a specific type of player.

Watch video from Warrior Hockey – Novium Pro Stick Tech Breakdown.

Warrior Novium models

The new Novium line will include only three models of different levels: the flagship Novium Pro, the mid-level Novium, and the third model – Novium SP.

First, we will talk about the flagship hockey stick. The top Novium Pro hockey stick is made from 100% carbon and uses Minimus Carbon 25 as the outer layer along the whole stick length.

In the case of the Novium, the manufacturer talks about the desire to create a blade with a high level of bounce from its surface, which will allow additional acceleration of the puck when it snaps.

The most noteworthy is the R.L.C. 199 (Alpha LX Pro and Covert QR5 Pro use the R.L.C. 188), an advanced manufacturing technology. It is complex, including the best materials (carbon fiber, resin), a manufacturing process with a high level of control and technology, advanced stick design. As a result, not only is it super light (the 60″ version weighs 360g, and the 63″ version will weigh more), but it also claims a very advanced balance.

Warrior Novium Pro
Warrior Novium Pro

Warrior Novium Pro stick from all sides:

The Novium family received, as in the case of Covert and Alpha, a unique taper geometry – Bevel Taper. Both sides of the handle in the lower part have concave chevrons, which creates a rigid zone in this area: this geometry also allows you to increase the torsional stiffness, which is important for a stick, suitable for the most powerful shots.

It turns out that the Warrior Novium’s stick profile has a maximum stiff bottom part with a gradual softening up: medium stiffness in the middle of the grip and a soft top. This scheme is similar to what CCM does in the Tacks family (Dual Flex) and True in the Catalyst line rather than a symmetric scheme, as in Bauer Nexus.

Taper geometry of Novium / Bevel Taper
Taper geometry of Novium / Bevel Taper

Stick Parameters

Below is a table with the available versions of all three models of the Novium family, where you can see the basic parameters: length, stiffness, bends, and geometry.

Novium Pro, Novium and Novium SP versions
Novium Pro, Novium and Novium SP versions

As for the Novium and Novium SP versions, I found the weight of the Novium in the 63″ version only – 415 gr (the 60″ version will be lighter), but the SP version is only available in the 60″ version, and it should weigh 450 gr.

Standard Warrior Novium stick
Standard Warrior Novium stick

Warrior Novium SP stick:

Warrior Novium SP
Warrior Novium SP

Check the Price

Below I have a pricing table for all of the major hockey sticks in the Warrior Novium line.

Pro Senior Hockey StickSenior$349.99
Pro Intermediate Hockey StickIntermediate$329.99
Pro Junior Hockey StickJunior$219.99
Senior Hockey StickSenior$169.99
Intermediate Hockey StickIntermediate$169.99
Junior Hockey StickJunior$129.99
SP Senior Hockey StickSenior$119.99
SP Junior Hockey StickJunior$99.99
SP Youth Hockey StickYouth$69.99
Mini Hockey StickMini$29.99

I will try to update this review as I receive new information from the manufacturer.