I finally got the new flagship of the 2022 Covert lineup from Warrior Covert QR5, and I’ve already had a chance to get out on the ice with it.

Warrior Covert QR5

Warrior Covert QR5 Series

The top model in the lineup is indexed QR5 Pro, but it will also include five other models of different levels: QR5 20, QR5 30, QR5 40, QR5 50, and QR5 T (Team).

The above models are listed in descending order of level – from best to worst, but I also think that the Team will remain about average.

Let me guess the name of the new product. Warrior Covert QR5 is the fifth generation of Covert sticks since the release of QR1. After that, there were Covert series with indexes QRL, QRE, QRE 10 (name of the top model), and QR5 became the fifth in a row. But that’s my guess.

Let me remind you that Warrior has two lines of sticks: Alpha and Covert. The first one has the classic mid-low flex point, which makes the stick more versatile, and suitable for snaps, providing a good level of shot sharpness.

If we talk about the Covert family, it includes sticks with ultra-low kick points and their main strength is a high level of responsiveness to load and maximum sharpness, which is convenient when making wrist shots.

Competitors include (let’s compare a few of them in a few key characteristics below) Bauer’s Vapor family, Sher-Wood’s Rekker, and the limited edition True Project X, which will soon find its way into a full line of HZRDUS sticks.

All models

As for weight, the QR5 Pro should weigh 380g (see pic above), but I already weighed my stick (W03, 85 flex), and the scales showed 395g. It may be that I have an early sample, and the official weighing today is often done with the W28 flex: it is becoming more popular, but it is also more compact in size and, consequently, lighter.

Above in the picture, you can see the weight of the rest of the Covert 2022 lineup. A big bonus of the very light flagship models is the reduced weight in other price categories. It is a positive trend today that allows you to look at not only the pre-top models but also the mid-range product, without sacrificing the lightness of the stick.

The table confuses the weight of Warrior Covert QR5 20 and QR5 30, in both cases equal to 415 gr. Perhaps this information is correct, and the sticks will differ by other design points, or maybe it’s just a typo, and we can expect the QR5 30 to weigh 425 gr or 435 gr, which is very interesting for a mid-level model. I also want to note that the QR5 Pro and QR5 20 will be available in an extended “Long” version (63″ length).

Comparing Warrior Sticks

If we return to the QR5 Pro characteristics, there is unification with the flagship of the parallel Alpha line (LX Pro) in terms of materials and blade design. The main difference between the families, as I wrote earlier, remains in the deflection point and differential geometry of the branded taper: Covert has multifaceted Edge, Alpha has Sabre trapeze.

There is likely a difference in the shape of the grip itself and the way the texture of the anti-slip Grip coating is applied. The Covert has it called Slide Grip with notches in different areas. The anti-slip compound is only on the top of the stick and ends on the orange part in the picture. The bottom (darker) part of the grip is matte. The Alpha has the Apex Grip. Otherwise, the specs are very close on paper.

Both use MinimusCarbon UD R.L.C. 188 unidirectional carbon fiber construction. A 25K weave is used as the outer layer on the blade. Both sticks have the FuelCore Ultra technology: the surface of the Warrior Covert QR5 Pro clearly shows one stiffening rib located in the lower third.

The rest of the space is filled with foam. It can be assumed that clubs of two different families will have a little more in common in terms of operation. I’m almost 100% confident that the current significant difference in playability between Alpha and Covert will continue.

Comparison with competitors

Let’s compare the weight and balance of the top model QR5 Pro with direct competitors – Bauer Vapor HyperLite and Warrior Fantom QRE model. I don’t own the previous flagship QRE10, but this stick was in many ways a serial development of the limited edition Fantom QRE that Warrior released to compete with the Vapor ADV.

The length of the sticks is the same, the blades are the total analogues – P92/W03. If we talk about the total weight of the sticks, Fantom QRE is the leader in this parameter with 367 gr. In the second place is Vapor HyperLite390 gr, and the third one is Covert QR5 Pro – 395 gr. But let me remind you that the feeling of lightness of a putter (the way we feel it in our hands) is a combination of the total weight of the putter and its balance indicator. Shifting 1″ up the handle makes the hockey stick feel about 20 grams lighter.

Fantom QRE has the worst score of 95,7 cm. In second place is the Vapor HyperLite (93,4 cm). The leader by this indicator is Covert QR5 Pro – 92,6 cm. After calculations we can conclude that Vapor HyperLite and Covert QR5 Pro are almost equal in weight/balance ratio, and due to better weighting the difference with the limited edition Fantom QRE will be less than 5 g.

This is something I’ve long seen as a big plus of the release of advanced clubs like True’s ADV/Fantom QRE/Project X: they are pushing the industry in terms of performance. Today, the production top models of sticks have already caught up with, and some have overtaken, their exclusive forebears.

Covert QR5 sticks prices

Below is a price comparison of two well-known hockey stores.

Model (Warrior Covert)hockeymonkey.com (Sr/Jr)purehockey.com (Sr/Jr)
QR5 Pro – / $199.99$299.99 / $199.99
QR5 20– / $159.99$209.99 / $159.99
QR5 30– / $129.99$159.99 / $129.99
QR5 40$109.99 / $99.99$109.99 / $99.99
QR5 50$69.99 / $59.99$69.99 / $59.99
QR5 Team$129.99 / –– / –

* Prices at the time of posting